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The models preserve the basic design and ideas of Roberto's mother's sketches from the collection ANNA MARIA 1948 as much as possible. The idea of Roberto and Natalia is an adaptation of the design of the past era with modern models with the requirements of new trends in synthesis with transforming accessory elements-neckerchiefs-masks with prints of computer graphics by Roberto Denti and decorating elements - prints on dresses by the works of both designers. The prints are based on the works: " The Moscow Kremlin in the Gilbert Space" by Roberto Denti, 2019 and "To meet the Light" by Natalia Morozova, 2016. The collection is completed with silk scarves printed with the artistic works of fashion designers.

The collection is made of Italian cotton fabrics “eco wool", organic cotton and silk modeled and sewn at the Soel Service sewing factory in Carpi, province of Modena, Emilia-Romagna region. The factory's technologists are known for their skillful implementation of the basic idea of modeling. The prints were produced at the SoloModa factory in Italy, in the city of Como, known worldwide for its art of innovative printing on fabrics.

A new element in the technology of the new fashion industry, authored by Natalia Morozova, is a transformer dress, when, if necessary, you can always use a mask built into the dress model itself as an individual protective device.

This collection is transformed from the design of the models of the ANNA MARIA 1948 collection, where the ideas of fashion trends of the last century are intertwined with new innovative ideas, introducing transforming elements into clothing models in accordance with the needs of the new time and the requirements for a modern image-the fight against the pandemic.

As a mandatory attribute dictated by the era of humanity's struggle with the pandemic itself, these models contain accessories-masks that do not have medical use, but can serve as short-term protection in crowded places if necessary.

© 2022 Roberto Denti, Natalia Morozova

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size 42-44