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The quantum collection promotes innovative perception, encourages the subject to observe, and focuses on an ever-changing receptive mind that is moving forward compared to time. The emergence of a trend and the introduction of new fashion solutions is the result of the creative activity and research process of both designers with their main activity - "quantum art". The collection in most models is unisex designed by two designers: Roberto Denti and Natalia Morozova.  

The main idea is asymmetry as a key factor in the birth of the universe. Trousers and The brand's breeches called "BRAVO" are the development of Roberto Denti.

© 2022 Roberto Denti, Natalia Morozova

Quantum collection 

The collection is made of Italian fabrics, modeled and sewn at the Soul Service sewing factory in Carpi, Modena province, Emilia-Romagna region. The factory's technologists are known for their skillful implementation of the basic idea of modeling. The prints were produced at the SoloModa factory in Italy, in the city of Como, known worldwide for its art of innovative printing on fabrics.

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Exclusive models


size 42-46